Back To Earth

Daily Draw January 16th, 2012

Some I Ching today from the Tao Oracle:



Usually I do a comparison across books when I do I Ching draws but I am still recovering from the flu, so will keep it singular.

I liked the idea with this that sometimes our inner voice is actually what we’ve been taught by other people. It’s hard to tell sometimes between the preconceived ideas and trusting what you really want or need.

“It’s time to close your eyes to all external cues and look for what makes you applaud and cheer from the inside out.”

Mostly what struck me today was in the description of the top line:

“Wandering around in the past or projecting dreams into the future is the surest way to escape from the now. It might be time to remind yourself that the only real journey is from here to here. Turn your attention to where your feet are, and do your best to stay connected to them.”

For me, that is a continual lesson. I got caught up this week in dreamland-amid-the-clouds and got so tense that none of my back muscles would relax, nor my jaw, nor my mind, and I couldn’t sleep. I finally took a motion-sickness pill to knock myself out and slept ten hours, and now feel more like myself, more back to earth.

The lesson is in not letting it happen to begin with.



4 thoughts on “Back To Earth

  1. I hope you are feeling better JJ!

    Some good advice there. I spend a lot of my time in dreamland. So much has been going on in my head lately, and this is even worse when I am not feeling well and have the time to mind-wander. My head is bunged up with what I am doing, what I should be doing, what I’ve done and what I haven’t done. It’s exhausting.

    • Well, a certain amount of creativity occurs in the mind, but I tend to get trapped there, lolling about in the clouds, enjoying the buzz of imagination, instead of being there, or here, rather . 😉

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