Hopscotch with Wings and the Spice of Laughter

Daily Draw January 13th, 2013



This is such a charming card. I used to like hopscotch, and the elementary school I attended had hopscotch grids permanently painted in the parking lot for kids. I didn’t play it often but I did used to like to hop in the grid just for fun.

Make time for others, rekindle romance in your relationship, laugh more and enjoy your sense of humour, don’t take yourself so seriously. I LOVE this card and I am so sick of people who take themselves seriously, so sick of pretension and false expectations and posturing. I much prefer people who are creative and open to joy and laughter.

“Enjoy what you do and practice the three L’s: Live, Love and Laugh.”


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2 Comments on “Hopscotch with Wings and the Spice of Laughter”

  1. What a great reminder. I need this! I definitely want to re-capture my playfulness in 2013. Hope your year’s going well so far.


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