Loose Moose

Daily Draw January 11th, 2013



There’s a moose loose about the hoose.

I often feel seemingly awkward when talking to people in person or on the phone. But in reality…



8 thoughts on “Loose Moose

  1. I used to love the phone chats in my 20s. But now, aside from with a very small amount of people (like three), I try to avoid them.

    My worst kind of face to face chat is the spontaneous ones – where you bump into someone in the street, beam and then force something out to fill the silence, which usually comes out sounding stupid. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

    • I ran into someone I used to work with at the grocery store. I went all huggie, smootch, smootch and loud, and kept nattering on when I’d already said the same thing before.

      All hale and hearty, I sounded like a phony buffoon, shmoozing at a cocktail party!

      • Oh God, I recognise this scenario …

        I saw a woman I hadn’t seen with her mother for ages. They’d had a lot of personal grief and I didn’t know what to say when I saw them. They hardly spoke and just stood there, which meant I ended up filling every awkward silent moment with something. When I say ‘something’, I mean ‘anything’. I was like an over-wound nutcase, speaking and laughing and moving about on the spot. I look back and cringe. It’s usually nerves that puts me in these kind of hideous places.

  2. One could fill a rather large book with descriptions of various ways to be awkward. It might be rather funny. Then reclusive readers could sit home alone and read it on the couch and laugh ourselves to tears.

      • Don’t get me started on the times I stand their, looking blankly, when I don’t even remember someone. This happens far more frequently than you’d imagine or than I’d care for it to happen. It’s so difficult to fake knowing someone when you just haven’t got a clue who they are. You know, I actually went to an auction with a guy a year or so ago and was there for an hour before I managed to get his name out of him and remember that I knew him from my degree in London ten years ago. Trying to get him to divulge a bit of our background together and how I might know him (even though his face was familiar) without arousing suspicion was agonising. My boyfriend still laughs at that experience.

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