How Much of the Same Thing Do You Need?

Daily Draw January 9th, 2013



I have pulled this card before in this deck.

It’s a card that says wait and watch usually, as if you would need patience, perhaps at the end of a project while waiting for inspiration to grow for another. But I also like this as an example of contemplating what you have done and what you have. Question what you need, or realize that you don’t need anything—that sort of reflection.

I was thinking about that yesterday and said to my husband I have every supply and book imaginable, so I can usually start things without needing to buy supplies. There is a relief in that but it can become burdensome if you buy too much.

Last night I was reading some blogs by doll collectors. Many seem to buy the same doll sculpt with different hair or colour of eyes, but it’s the same face. It gets a bit creepy when you see 8 of these clones standing together. I found that with the Tonner fashion dolls, people would have glass cases full of the same doll in different dresses, but the same face and different hair. It’s like the girl in this card with all those shopping bags that look the same. Different bag colour, same shape, same pentacles. How much of the same thing do you need?



8 thoughts on “How Much of the Same Thing Do You Need?

  1. This was an interesting post and nice tie-in.

    You know, I haven’t had that pull for decks for quite a while. I used to sit there and look at them online and would say to myself ‘I’ve got to have that one!’. But I don’t right now. Is it because they are not so good anymore? That ‘Dark Whatever’ from Lo Scarabeo was a disappointment. I hardly ever used it. Or maybe it is because I have so many and don’t need anymore. The buzz just isn’t there for me at the moment. Unbelievably (or maybe not), the deck I want to use the most is the one I made myself.

    I have tried to stop buying ‘things’. It’s always been a bit of a habit for me, even though it isn’t as obsessive or costly as what I see going on with others. But I have a lot of books on this and that which are not always read because of other books on this that I am reading. And the same goes with decks and stuff too. At the moment, I am making things out of what I have got and using things which have been laying about for yonks.

    The 8 doll clones just sounds nuts. But we have seen this before, haven’t we? – the small version of the deck, the larger version, the one with the different backs, the out of print one, blah blah blah. People don’t feel complete until they have the lot. It just seems to create bigger holes to fill.

    • You know me and buying books! I have settled down somewhat and tend to order books from the library. I had to buy a $15 on sewing 18-inch doll clothes because the library couldn’t get them when I tried an inter-library loan.

      You think 8 doll clones sounds nuts–I’ve seen more. I’m quite happy with my one doll and sewing things (including a tiny 6-inch doll) for her.

      That’s what I finally realized–it just creates a bigger hole. For me, the kick is making something. Similarly, with decks the kick is in connecting to artists or a subject I’m interested in. I get bored otherwise.

      • I think that is good, re getting them through the library. Especially because I think a lot of people feel they need to own everything these days. Getting from the library means you don’t have to ‘own’ something to get the most from it. It’s about sharing the knowledge about and not getting too attached to physical things. Like that idea.

        I think you are very resourceful with your decks. You use them in so many ways, like varying outfits. And you rotate old with new in a healthy fashion. For many though (and I am guilty of it in the past), it is about ‘buy latest fad item and put aside’, ‘buy latest fad item and put aside’ (repeat to fade until you fall down hole created)

        • I was thinking about it yesterday, and it was only after 4 to 6 years of Internet that this buying mania started. Granted that talking to people on the Internet can be very inspirational and you can watch videos on how to do things and learn new skills, but you also come across the group vibe for buying things.

          Or needing things. So and so shows a picture and everyone says “Ooooh I wants it!” and away it goes. It is so easy to give into the impulse by buying online and not thinking it through. That surge of anticipation and temptation in groups can be overwhelming, whether it be decks or books or crafts or knitting or dolls or whatever.

          I’ve learned to ignore it. It took a while though. A long while. 😉

          • Hehe. Me too. I wonder if for some, it is a desire to fit in. I certainly remember the pressure of feeling I wasn’t a good enough reader if I didn’t have a Marseille or that I wasn’t part of the in-group without whatever was the current fad-deck. For some, there may be feelings of being able to achieve more with the ‘right tool’. In recent times, I have been buying more of what I need and less of what I don’t. In terms of decks, I think I have come back empty-handed on my last few London visits, since I have been less interested in a lot of what I’d seen.

    • What an interesting technique. I wonder how they keep the fibre from absorbing odour and grease etc.?

      It’s like using graph paper–you have to make sure you start in the right square so you have room for the design. It looks beautiful and elegant though in the restaurant.

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