You Can Take It, And You Can Shovel It Away, Like Snow

Daily Draw January 8th, 2013

I have the flu and seem to have lost a few days. My head is stuck in the fuzzy world of fever, endlessly going over its wonderful Christmas e-mail. I find that with fevers, the brain latches on to something like a song or something that happened, and it goes on a loop. I still remember having a fever as a child with the Beatles Eleanor Rigby going through my mind endlessly with that haunting cello in the background.



So the betrayal continues. I did smile when I read “fear of germs” in the booklet, since I have this virus and just want to get well so I can do things again.

Alienation, not trusting. Yup, that’s the feverish loop.

A nice lemon and hot water should do the trick.


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2 Comments on “You Can Take It, And You Can Shovel It Away, Like Snow”

  1. mooninfog Says:

    Influenza is THE WORST, you have my sympathy–rest now, feel better soon.

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