Shine on Scanning Souls, Buttressed by Tea

Daily Draw January 3rd, 2013

I have spent several hours scanning and fiddling in Photoshop to get the five new decks into my database. Then I had to do the write-ups and particulars for each deck. The Book Collector software does a lot of this automatically if you have an ISBN number, but three didn’t have one, and for the fourth, the program couldn’t find any information anyway. All done now and backed up in several places.

While I was scanning, these two popped out at me so I’m using them for today’s draw.



These cards were a Christmas gift and came free with an issue of a magazine in the UK.

I get true balance and amazement to connect to the real me. All will be well. Okay, I’m buying that.

I was watching a program about the building of the great cathedrals and the engineering and sometimes subsequent breakdown of walls. The picture on the right reminds me of that and it reminds me of a throat—my throat is scratchy today. I’ve been fighting a virus for a week or two and it keeps coming back.

Popping up like the real me! I need a flying buttress to prop me up and balance me. Barring that, a cup of chai tea might do it.

I’m off…


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