Reach and Polish Your Sword

Daily Draw January 2nd, 2013

I was getting some bits and pieces ready for entering five decks into my card database, and this card fell out. This has always been a personal card for me, and I call it the “Reach” card.



You can do anything, you can reach for anything, you can stretch, learn, and overcome anything. Willpower, courage, intellect, new ideas, invention, it all belongs here. This is the realm of reason and analysis, the energy of knowledge, order, conquest through organization.

My kind of card.




4 thoughts on “Reach and Polish Your Sword

  1. I like your idea of mind-strength here. I had such passion and productivity in action with the Ace of Wands today, that it is interesting to see the will and concentration and though going on in the realm of air here for you.

    • I like this card so much I think I’m going to use it as the background for my database, with the fancy label the deck was wrapped in superimposed on top.

      I have to have an image for the deck “box” for the database and since this has no box, I’m creating a box front.

      Aces are great things. I saw that you got the Ace of Wands today–doing that Twin thing again. 😉

  2. Haha, the old Twin thing again.

    Aces are indeed good things. They give me a real boost. This one also has the envelope, which I added for communication. Did you get any interesting or important information throughout your day?

    • I did not get any information or mail or nothin’!!

      What kind of a deal was that? I did shovel some snow with an implement that has a handle like a sword.

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