The Red and White Year

Daily Draw January 1st, 2013

I suppose I should do a New Year-specific draw today. I am using the Blue Dog Rose Tarot. It had some others vying for top place but for some reason this quiet little deck appealed to me the most.

VIII OF CATS ( 8 of Swords)
II OF RODENTS (2 of Pentacles)


The Empress Guinea Pig sits in front of the old Japanese flag, reminding me of the Emperor in this deck and oppression or abuse of power. Something that struck me today with this is the female role in the emotional feeling of the home. Do you doubt it? I have found that I am expected to be the cheery one here, and that even slight imbalances in my mood, bring the household down. This might give me some awareness in 2013 of how my own mind oppresses others.

The 8 of Cats points to much the same thing: the mind leaping at shadows, imagining dire things and showing extremes of adrenaline and fright, bringing you down with a crash and affecting everyone around. Surprises and sudden outbursts of emotion, leaving those adrenal glands depleted and ragged. Boxing at shadows and letting imagination go in the wrong direction.

The 2 of Rodents is about change and juggling what comes up in life, trying to remain balanced. These two white rats are scrabbling about in a maze, getting themselves in a tizzy and fainting from frustration and fear. If they would calm down they could find a way out. Still, it might be more difficult than they expect. It is like the prison of the mind in the 8 of Cats. It is also a card about financial things, a reminder to me in this year when we need a new furnace to SAVE money, don’t delay, get some equilibrium with regard to that. A plan, a system of procedure, not see-sawing back and forth from panic to thriftiness.

What shall I call this? The year of the red and white mind? Look at the colours in this layout, I was quite struck by the extremes and impression of two colours.

According to my symbolism dictionary red with white is death or the devil in some cultures. Red is solar power and passion, energy, masculine and active. Bloodshed, war, zeal, power, cruelty. White is light, illumination, sacredness, redemption, the feminine principle, spiritual womanhood; in the East it is mourning and death. Again, as with the entire reading I get a sense of two ways, balance and extremes. Really, all of life is in these colours, death and life, darkness and light, spirituality and cruelty.

I worry about this year and death, but I need to watch my mind, lest it get away with me. Extremes, even through difficult situations are just thoughts, bits of imagination. Equilibrium remains, you choose to see it, to develop it, and surround yourself and others with it.




2 thoughts on “The Red and White Year

  1. Happy New Year!

    What an intense first post of the year. Lol! Wow, the concepts. I loved what you wrote, though.

    Red and white is a strange combination and I never thought of it much. Purity+passion and all that.

    Best wishes for 2013 and sorry I haven’t been by much lately!


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