Intimacy, Dragons, and Treasure

Daily Draw December 31st, 2012

This is from the Dragon Cards that were a Christmas gift from my friend Steve. Published by Findhorn Press, each card has the same image, so I made a template to use with these that will incorporate the image for all draws.

The author equates dragons to a mythological symbol or Jungian shadow side of the personality, which represents forces we may have trouble coming to terms with. Untamed, less familiar, darker, deeper, and yet with a whiff of the light-heartedness and tender aspects that we often feel toward dragons as children.

Dragons guard the treasure, and life for us is a treasure in all its manifestations, including our striving for perfection and acceptance of our imperfect human nature.



Shiver me timbers Drago, no not THAT!

I have never been a touch-feely person. I can go on, especially about books, but sharing intimate thoughts with other humans usually has consequences of the fire-breathing dragon sort. Share something and you’ll get burned, a concept brought home to me by a Christmas e-mail I received. Yuck. Trust me Drago, it’s the last time…

I can tell my husband stuff but sometimes you are simply alone with inner thoughts that cannot be expressed. This is something I have been coming to accept over the last few years. In our mad gabble to find company or succour for frantic, worrying times, we talk and talk. It doesn’t work.

Intimacy comes from the Latin intus which means “within.” Within means Self to me, which is an acceptable concept in Eastern philosophy at least. I find the expectation of some people that they will find a “soulmate” who will relieve them of the burden and worry of life, and enable an earth-shattering connection with another human, kind of silly.

Face it, we do best developing intimacy with the Self. Treasure the Self, respect the Self and its innermost thoughts.

Drago knows, that’s why he guards the treasure alone.



4 thoughts on “Intimacy, Dragons, and Treasure

  1. Wow, you got some good stuff out of that one didn’t you!

    Interesting, I know what you mean. I can talk about my feelings and innermost experiences in the same way that most people can real off the items on their shopping lists. Or at least, that’s what people think. There are always things that are guarded and which I don’t have comfort in talking to everyone about, I may seem very open, but I choose what I ramble about carefully.

    I like what you say here, I have built that relationship up with my Self over the years. It’s about acceptance for me in a lot of ways. I don’t need to tell other people this and that to make myself feel better. I just rationalise things in the best way I can alone as I develop.

    I could share my innermost thoughts with people. But do I really want or need to?

  2. Very good points. I think both are equally needed, but maybe the relationship with the self is more important because it’s not done in a very healthy way, but oh heck…does anyone do anything right? Lol. Well, I like your opinion and I definitely appreciate it for its value to my own life. Hope you have a swell day.


    • I LOVE that comment: “…does anyone do anything right?”

      In essence, this is true! That makes me feel better, and it makes me laugh too. I think we can get too serious sometimes.

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