Live Long and Prosper, Star Trek Quote #467.8

Daily Draw December 23rd, 2012

The spouse is on holidays and I am enjoying the company, I find that it energizes me. If I could only get him to turn the heat up above 65°F. I find I have to sneak over and turn it up two notches, which gets the needle all the way up to 69° which is plenty as the house gets suffocatingly hot if you put it any higher. So much for accuracy in temperature with a 43 year-old furnace. Next year.

I wear a fleece blankie as a sarong and forge on. I have taken to wearing it outside when I take the dogs out. Like a strange looking Thai gentleman in a purple ski jacket and black hiking boots (the new ones!), wearing my leopard-print scarf, I discover that the black and white check blanket with the red trim goes best and makes a vital statement to the neighbours: “There are people alive over here, and they have bloody good taste in outdoor wear.”


No one is dead until they are dead. Refuse to comply with those who would bury people and mourn them while they still breathe. Vitality is the watchword, and if you can dress it up with a red blanket stitch, you’re really living.

What to do today for a card? I feel like pairing up disparate things. What wild and crazy cards can I pair with the Fragments of an Illusion deck?

Osho wanted to come out and play.



Yes, people tell you what is wrong and right, but inside your own consciousness you know there are no ready-made answers about what is wrong and right. You know inside what to do for each situation. There is a difference between learned conscience and consciousness.

In this picture Mary Magdalene has poured a whole bottle of expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus. Judas objected to this nonsense and waste and thought it should be prohibited because the money from selling the perfume could be given to the poor. Jesus was more concerned with the love in the gift, not wounding the love of the woman for him. She gave him the most precious item available, and in quantity. He was enveloped and anointed in love, which was the right thing to do.

And to supplement this, from the Fragments deck:



Take yourself off to the family home, gather your West Highland White Terrier to your body and concentrate on better things. The firm foundation of home is needed.

This young lad with the blond hair and bangs reminds me of someone who is ill. He is ill, he isn’t dead, and he needs the comfort of a home where people believe in his life and vitality. No one needs people maundering around in sackcloth, as if he were already dead. Imagine what it would be like walking into a home where the palpable atmosphere is one of your death, your supposedly impending doom?

My consciousness will not allow it.

Vitality, prosperity, health, healing, foundations of life: prosperity is more than money, it’s what you nurture in your conscious self.

Nurture life not death.




6 thoughts on “Live Long and Prosper, Star Trek Quote #467.8

  1. I like those Osho cards. I’ve not seen them before.

    And I also like the associations that you made with the 10 of Pentacles. You read the Fragments deck naturally and it has been really interesting to read your thoughts here. I forget that many of the cards were a surprise to you as I hadn’t posted loads before I sent it.

    • I am surprised that I am not getting any cards that were familiar.

      I am REALLY liking it though.

      You haven’t seen the Osho cards? I’ve used them on the blog before (cough.)

      • It really pleased me to know you are liking it 🙂 It’s great to have given birth to a deck and both enjoy it like this.

        I probably did see the cards before. I think that with all the new very-similar sets of cards you see about these days, when something like that comes up again, it suddenly looks richer and more interesting. You know what I mean? It is as though you haven’t seen it before.

        • I know exactly what you mean. The freshness of art or artistic style that stands on its own and is not a copy of the style-of-the-month, really hits the eye.

          You say “What is this charming thing…?” That doesn’t happen much any more.

  2. I *LOVE* this post!! Your outdoor gear rivals my combo of old green waxed jacket, pink and cerise fleecy heart PJ pants, huge velvet mad hatter hat , my sons old shoes (5 sizes too big) and black red and white Guinness scarf 🙂 Rock on!!

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