Distress or Freedom, You Decide

Daily Draw December 22nd, 2012



I consider this one of my personal cards. I tend to bind myself in my mental prison, holding myself back from living life to the fullest.

A message for me, as I try to erase the memory loop of yesterday in the machine, that I have a choice, there is always a way to get out of such a bind. The exit seems to be blocked but it isn’t.

Strangely, that tape with its rows of alternating stripes, reminds me of the back of the doll quilt I am sewing. I had some leftover blocks and patches so I am working them into the backing. I’ve always wanted to use this technique as it saves a lot of fabric and uses up bits and pieces. So I am getting good practice for when I try it on a bigger quilt.

I like that the fellow on the card looks resigned, as if to say “Oh dear, I’ve done it to myself again, I’ll never get out of here.” The distress and oppression he feels is in his own mind.

A good reminder indeed about creating feelings of helplessness when there is no need!



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