Each Person’s Focus

Daily draw December 21st, 2012

I do like these cards on a nice deep blue background.



That’s right buddy, cover up those buttocks with a copyright symbol.

I had a rather upsetting start to the day due to some comments in an e-mail. However, in a better frame of mind, I am back to sewing. I like sewing when I’m upset, and patchwork in particular is good because you are measuring, and progressing in a logical manner, all left-brain activities that get the brain off its ghastly tape rewind.

The Knight of Cups is a sensitive soul. I always think of him as the Grail Knight on his quest for the Cup. All idealism and purity of mind, the higher calling, the ethereal dream.

Good thing yon Knight doesn’t get e-mail, the dream dasher of idealistic minds. One person’s romantic notions of a good, inspiring Christmas gift like a doll, is another person’s immaturity. Forgive me for not pissing away money on expensive wine for Christmas, as I consider that ephemeral and wasteful in the extreme. Speaking of growing up.

The Knight forges on, his mind in the clouds of dreams, yet understanding that other people have their own feelings. Fortunately they don’t have to create my experience.

I get to sew cheery doll quilts. A far more inspiring focus for me than getting drunk.



13 thoughts on “Each Person’s Focus

  1. Even though I made the cards all male, I never considered these as the kind of guys who’d shut women out, you know what I mean? They are guys who have all kinds of women in their lives.I wanted them to be as friendly to their female readers as they are to each other.

    This guy has a very feminine soul, I feel, which is easily stirred. And I can see you in him today, His waters are rippled easily as he expects everyone to be as considerate to feelings as he is. I often relate to him, as I think I am often disappointed by the way others are with me.

    In recent draws, I have looked at courts as indicators of whether I am balanced or not in situations. Am I being insensitive or oversensitive?. I think I can often be emotionally oversensitive and tearful, especially if someone is being thoughtless or cruel. I like this Knight though, as I think the card has a reflective side I feel at home with. I like how he takes himself away to his rock.

    And I can definitely see the more inspiring use of the doll than getting drunk 🙂

    • Yes, I noticed his vulnerability and perhaps an over-sensitivity.

      The funny thing about the doll is that I learned a new knitting technique because of it, plus I tried out a new way of sewing quilt blocks. It’s amazing what you learn if you open your mind.

      Such learning is an opportunity, no matter whence it comes.

      • Absolutely. I have learned so many things I never would have, just because of themed decks in tarot – Buddhism, Vodou, Michelangelo, Klimt, Greek Mythology, to name a small handful. As you know, I learned the Hebrew alphabet the other week and am getting a book at Christmas to explain their deeper meanings. These things are great creative springboards for us.

        Despite the puzzled looks from each and everyone, how much inspirational projects came out of ol’ Jack and Joe, eh? hehe. I remember photographing a whole playing card deck with mannequins as subjects for a university project.

        • Though he may be but a body-less spectre of his former self, you know how fond I am of Jack.

          When I first met you, Jack was languishing on your bed at Uni or at home during a break from Uni. His extreme dapperness and handsome good looks never left my imagination. In any case, he inspired so much at the time.

          Maybe he needs to put a bejewelled mask on and sit by the Christmas tree? The ghost of Christmas past, enjoying a bit of hot rum punch with Bob Cratchit and the Dazzling One.

          Maybe Little Joe would like to put the star on the tiptop of the tree. A nice toddy of rum punch would do him a world of good too. You know how quiet his life has been. Hey Joe, take a walk on the wild side…

  2. This knight looks like he is saying, “I need a pair of shorts so I don’t get sunburned, but I’d rather just have an ankle bracelet…something that sparkles in the water when I go wading…”

  3. Oh, just to add, for interests sake alone, a bit of background:
    The guy in this card was taken from a fashion shoot of male nudes called Ten Raw in an online fashion magazine called Fantastics.
    You can see it here –

    I was instantly drawn to it because it reminded me of a photo of one of my idols, Joe Dallesando (of Andy Warhol fame). So that was what pulled me in. Using it was kind of like a homage to Little Joe.
    Here is the original photo of Joe – http://lynnandhorst.blogspot.co.uk/2008/04/hero-worship.html

    • Yes, my “walk on the wild side” comment was an acknowledgement of Joe.

      this model DOES look like Joe. I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t said. Neat.

      • Ah … I don’t know how, but I missed that comment. I saw the ones by yourself and Ironwing about the guy so thought I’d add that bit of info. I think that must have been inspired by Dallesandro.

        But yes, poor old Little Joe the Mannequin has had a sheltered life since we moved here. In fact, his body and legs are at different ends of the loft right now. He freaks my Daz out so I doubt he’ll want to see him any time soon, lol.

        But yes, the two of them inspired me a lot too. I enjoyed dressing them up and photographing them. There was a set of photos of the two together, where Jack was all cracked, which are quite haunting. I must have sent them to you at the time.

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