Victorious, with the Abs to Prove It

Daily Draw December 20th, 2012

I got quite a bit done yesterday, but in the end a technique I was trying did not work out and I had to rip back my knitting as I need a double-pointed needle set with five needles and a shorter length to do this technique and I don’t have one. Another month perhaps? I got the centre of my doll quilt finished though.

Still, it puts a damper on my creativity, and my Dad is in the hospital which is worrying.



The Victory Guy is telling me not to worry, the merry-go-round is mine.

Maybe this is a nod to equilibrium? Look at the symmetry of his body, he is well balanced, strong in the balance of the body. With equilibrium and persistence, he attains what he wants.

Equilibrium reminds me of my legs, which bother me after using the sewing machine. Sigh. I’m not feeling it Victory Guy.

2 thoughts on “Victorious, with the Abs to Prove It

    • My sister says he won’t be home soon, but he is well looked after and my sister is trying her best to keep things organized and arrange what is needed. Caregiving is quite a burden and so stressful.

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