Fragments of Creation and Mastery

Daily Draw December 19th, 2012



Just what I needed today! I have been working this week on knitting a sweater for a doll from sock yarn scraps, and making a doll quilt, also from fabric scraps.

I have finished the sweater body and just need to pick up the stitches for the sleeves. I am taking a break for a bit while I have a think on it. The pink is not going to work so the sleeves will be knit from the green colour and then I’m going to do a bit of duplicate stitch in the variegated green and blue on them to tie in all the colours.

However, this is my first time knitting a sweater from the top down which is a new technique for me and leaves me to pick up stitches for the sleeves and knit them on double-pointed needles; only 42 stitches, which is not a lot. I worry about leaving holes in my underarm so have to pick up extra stitches and then decrease them, and do it the same on both sleeves. a new technique to learn, which is good, but it can make me procrastinate and I am determined not to.


The little quilt is done in a pattern called Disappearing 9-Patch and all you do is sew a 9-patch block (which you can see in the bottom left), and then cut it into quarters through the centre and reassemble it. Because I made mine from random scraps it is a bit jumbled, so I’m considering what approach to take next.


I love the colours, lots of greens with purple and lilacs to suggest the saxifrage (Saxifraga oppositifolia) that is the floral emblem of the Nunavut Territory and a favourite flower of my Inuit dolly. If I feel up to it I am going to appliqué some saxifrage of my own design in a border too. This is a bit of a jumble but it IS a scrap quilt after all.

I get to a point in projects where I can’t just breeze on, I have to think more carefully about colour placement and design and how to finish and tie things together. I feel a bit…not exactly stuck, but stalled, and having to fiddle a bit which can be irritating when I want to charge ahead. Too many decisions leave me dithering and indecisive, which is a feeling I dislike.

So this card is telling me I can master it. I also think this card is about stretching your abilities, not playing it safe, continuing to learn and solve problems with skill. Life is too easy if you never try anything new or more difficult. This guy is decisive and tackles his design problems as he goes. Planning only takes you so far, then you are in the middle of creating and have to work through it all.




4 thoughts on “Fragments of Creation and Mastery

  1. You know, I was thinking about you throughout the process of making this card! I remembered what you said about the one in the Mystic Dreamer where the artist was painting. I was inspired by that card when I found my spray-can artist. I was hoping you’d like it.

    I think that sweater looks great and the green sleves with added extras from the other colours will look great. I also really like the quilt and the method of reorganising the pieces. Looks really impressive! The 3 of Pentacles jumped out when I was shuffling today, but I got landed by the 7 of Wands instead – typical. My creative day was one problem after another!

    • Yes, I do like the deck. I was supposed to be several draws in already but I took a break to work on projects.

      I find it a quiet, soothing deck–probably the colours.

      I just wrote you about your day–mine went well with my project, sorry to hear you messed up the sewing. I have learned to just stop when the light goes and I can’t see properly or when I’m tired.

  2. I’d heard of the Nine Patch but not the Disappearing version. It’s clever but simple. I like the little red squares – an unexpected color choice with the purple and lime green, but they really glow.

    • Thanks Lorena. I was so impressed with this Disappearing 9-Patch technique. Those little squares were only 0.75 of an inch and sewn in a conventional manner would have been hard to keep from stretching. Because they were sewn to a straight edge first, they handled beautifully.

      I am hoping to try this method for a larger people-sized quilt top.

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