Xmas Mail for the Glad Heart

Daily Draw December 12th, 2012

The dreaded 12-12-12.

I got the most delightful postcard in the mail yesterday from Jessica Shanahan or her Tarot of the Absurd. She sent it to me for my postcard collection which was such a nice gesture.


I blather on with my decks and cards, and often use postcards too, but I never think people notice. I have had a couple of friends send me postcards which surprised me so much as I never think of people reading my blog. And now Jess has sent me this beautiful one, so there’s my tale of awareness for the day. Wake up Jude!

Jess wrote a very thoughtful comment on the back too. When she gets her book written for this deck, it is going to be excellent; she has such a way with words and ideas.

And my lovely friend Steve, whom I have known for over ten years, sent me a little package with some odd little oracle decks and his lovely, handmade Fragments of an Illusion Tarot. The work involved in printing and laminating a tarot deck by hand is staggering, not to mention the designing, so I was appreciative of this gesture of his to give me his deck.


He always finds these neat decks at charity shops and car boot sales, and the first two came as give-aways with a magazine. This is stuff I’d never see in a million years without his canny eye. It is all very exciting and glorious to contemplate my forthcoming explorations.

1) Blessings from the Heart Oracle Cards by annie b.
2) Harmony with the Universe Oracle Cards by Wendy Thrippleton
3) Dragon Cards by Polly Waterfield


2 thoughts on “Xmas Mail for the Glad Heart

  1. I love receiving things in the post … well, gifts and Amazon purchases, as apposed to bills and stuff. I was so happy when I received your Christmas bundle recently.

    I had been hoping that this would get to you soon. Aside from not wanting it all to get lost in the post, I knew it would bump up your spirits. Those little oracles are attractive, but more ‘you’ than ‘me’. Doesn’t the ‘Harmony’ one have little mandala-type illustrations for some of it’s cards? I know how much you like mandalas.

    I am so glad to gift you the Fragments deck. You and I have been in constant conversation for so long now that I was as excited about sending a copy to you as I was about using it myself, hehe. I really hope you enjoy it!

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