Saila on My Mind

Daily Draw December 9th, 2012

CHICK OF BIRDS (Page of Cups)


I think the impatience and impulsiveness of this card was with me today. I stumbled across some free sewing and knitting patterns for 18-inch dolls like the American Girls dolls. Up here in Canada we have similar dolls (I learned today) called the Maplelea Dolls. Isn’t that a lovely name?

They have one newer doll who is an Inuit doll and has the most beautiful face, and she is the one I would like. Her name is Saila and I just love her cheery, wise face. I already spent my Christmas money on a purple ski jacket and two bras and books, so she will have to wait as she costs $100 plus shipping and tax, about $125 all together. My husband thought perhaps she would make a good Easter or birthday gift, so you never know.

Of course, I want her NOW so I can knit her a skirt and sweater set. Always the way, she won’t leave my mind now. That Chick must learn to wait for things. Oh, I do like a dolly!



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