Is That a Mountain or a Crown on Your Head?

Daily Draw December 10th, 2012

This is my favourite Uncle’s birthday today. He has been dead for almost 4 years but I still miss him and think about him.



What’s with all these Pages? They keep coming up, and here is the Page of Coins again. Is that a mountain on her mind, or merely a mountain of books she has to get through over the Winter? The flowers behind her remind me of irises and I love irises. Celtic knots of learning, mountains of reading material, and irises to look forward to.

She’s locked up though, contemplating all those books. A wee bit uptight or nervous. Embrace the learning kid! Contemplate the Beginner’s Mind.

I like the idea of fresh enthusiasm and unlocking.



2 thoughts on “Is That a Mountain or a Crown on Your Head?

  1. I really like this image and I LOVE black and white decks. To me it looks like Spirit is downloading into her brain all of the information in those books so she doesn’t really have to read them (unless she wants to).

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