Ideas and Angels

Daily Draw December 8th, 2012

I drew this in the morning but couldn’t figure out what it meant until later.



I found the angel on her breastplate rather interesting. Angel means “messenger” and they are bringers of understanding. I thought this was relevant today since I was puzzled by why this card would show up.

My husband had mentioned putting up the little table top Christmas tree we use, and we both said how nice it was to have some of ornaments from 36 years ago for our first Christmas in our own home. Then I was thinking it would be nice to have some new miniature ornaments for the tree just to brighten it up. Later on I was browsing for free patterns and saw some cute felt ornaments that were for real trees, but I could resize them as miniatures.

Then I hauled out my felt and fabric and ribbon. Then came the angelic understanding and holiday message. “Get thee some embroidery floss and stuffing” and that’s the sharp mind of this Queen today, taking initiative with ideas yet again.


Oh I know, the last thing I need is another project but they’d look so cute on the tree.

Later that evening…..



2 thoughts on “Ideas and Angels

    • I’m not a real Christmas person, I’m afraid–too much shopping for me. Still, now and then I see some sort of festive item and get excited.

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