Fortuna Finds a Trilight Bulb Illuminating Her Work

Daily Draw December 7th, 2012

I decided on a 3-card draw today and I am using the Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot. The deck was published in 1999 and I remember back in my early tarot days dreaming and wishing over this one. At the time, collage on cards was quite innovative, but now we see this sort of this all the time in ATCs and altered books and art journals, as well as card decks.

It’s not my favourite but it holds up some how and many of the cards are visually stunning.



Things are turning, go with the flow, accept change. Accept because anything else is a waste of energy. For me, this is an important notion lately.

Mr. Glad Heart in the middle is holding his trilight, wondering why the trilight bulbs are so darn expensive, but bringing the light and celebrating nonetheless. I also think he is standing up for himself, but in a joyous, celebratory manner, not a confrontational one.

The young and fruitful Princess is a lady of enthusiasms like all the Pages. I am not youthful but I can adopt a youthful attitude about change and new beginnings. I like that in the book they refer to a “ground-level start” and this reminds me of the accounting ledger I am trying to decorate where I have laid a ground down already and then got stuck. I am calling it the Blobby Flowers Journal and started out with great intentions of being loose, but am getting strapped up in my mind.

The cards are all reminding me to let it go and let it happen, let it revolve. Go have a cup of tea and glue those stems and leaves down. Then what happens, and then where will we go? Switch on the trilight and don’t worry about.





4 thoughts on “Fortuna Finds a Trilight Bulb Illuminating Her Work

  1. I think the Blobby Flowers Journal looks great! I love what you have done there. I know they are stems and leaves for the flowers but it reminds me of the 8 of Wands with all of those leaf-sprouting batons. I think this style is so fresh.

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