Strengthening Resolve

Daily Draw December 4th, 2012



I like the little path winding off to the right in this card. Will and initiative, following the path and growth, with the sprouting leaves of birth.

It became apparent to me lately that talking to people about approaches to getting well and following my own path don’t mix well. People have their own experiences and prejudices. I am sure my family finds it annoying that I won’t go to a regular doctor, but medical doctors are hopeless with chronic pain.

There are physicians and hospitals who use other programs for chronic pain, programs of relaxation and meditation and that’s what I am doing. Of course it takes time and one has setbacks, as I am this month, but poisoning my body with pharmaceuticals will only mask the problem not help it. It is maddening that I have to explain this over and over to people who then get stroppy with me for not following what they want me to do.

I am not going to change my path and I WILL get well. Simple as that. This card only strengthens my resolve.

Resolve is a good word. Centuries ago people used to name their children “Resolve” and I bet it worked too. To solve anew…interestingly, the word solve in Latin means loosen, which ties in nicely with relaxation. To loosen anew—a lovely image for rebirth.




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