All Right Already

Daily Draw December 2nd, 2012

I finally found my Power Tarot book, it had fallen behind my enormously clunky all-in-one printer. Last night I looked and looked for a 12-inch square ruler so I could trim some art paper and finally found it buried under some embroidery floss. Then I dropped this deck on the floor last night, then Photoshop was glitchy this morning when I was working on this card. I always wonder why we can’t find things, or we are physically clumsy, or the stuff around us is confused.



What I liked about this Temperance angel was that she/he is well into that water. No dipping the toes in here, one must wade right in, surround yourself with water eddying about your boots. Boots and grounding, or protection. You can do it if you are dressed for the task.

Adaptation, integrating, blending and particularly moderation is a big concept for me with this card. Also the idea of self-restraint and compromise appeals in the figure.

I like that in the introduction to this deck, Rome Choi says “…we are not becoming happy, but rather, we are already happy.” I could blend this with the Temperance angel to say “I am already healthy.”

It bears thinking about, these things that you already are.



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