Pents of Encouragement

Daily Draw November 30th, 2012



Here he has popped up again which made me laugh because I started converting my old accounting journal into an art journal, hopefully to practice gouache on toned paper. Pentacles are often about money or work.

I have put the initial coat of gesso on the cover and will be painting and laying blobby flowers down with tissue paper. Two of my artist friends have been very encouraging to me and we’ve been mailing back and forth excited by our mutual enthusiasm for projects and having fun, using materials up that have been languishing. I have all kinds of coloured tissue paper that my husband rescued from a garbage bin and they are brand new, so I like to think I’m going to use some more up.


I nearly threw the ledger out last year but it has such a nice hardcover and during a browse of one of my books on sketchbooks and artists, using this sort of ledger as a sketchbook was mentioned.

Why not? Better than throwing things out. I like repurposing things that have meaning to me as this ledger does. It’s a symbol for taking a new direction and leaving the past behind, which this King encourages being a down-to-earth kind of chap.



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