Ripples and Eternal Flow

Daily Draw November 28th, 2012

I bought a book about the sketchbooks of other artists last week called Sketchbook Confidential. I like this sort of book because it inspires and shows that every piece of art doesn’t have to be a masterpiece; sometimes it’s okay to have fun.

I was delighted to see the work of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law in the book, and so different from her tarot art as you can see in the picture below with today’s card from her Shadowscapes Tarot.


I think of the Aces as cards of triumph, the ultimate in the subject for the suit. Cups are about emotions so this says to me that I will triumph over emotions. Attunement, potential, the intuition of in-seeing.

Stephanie mentions in the book: “It is the initial drop of water that falls upon the glass-smooth surface of a lake. There is an almost imperceptible ripple that starts to spread in expanding rings.”

In view of my draw yesterday I can take this either way, as the start of a ripple of death in my poor health, or the start of regaining movement and joy. Stephanie loves to draw dancers and you can see that one of her sketches reflects that. The sea ebbs and flows and fish undulate and move to that eternal rhythm, like blood beating through the body.

I may not be able to dance any more but I can cause good ripples and get my blood flowing. NOW.




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