Cups at the Heart of the Target

Daily Draw November 27th, 2012

I have missed a day or two of cards from feeling unwell. My legs and circulation are improving and the pain is lessening, now it’s my stomach that hurts, which is probably a detox effect. I think this sort of inflammatory reaction is actually from an allergy. Bread or dairy products being the main culprits, because I let my guard down and ate lots of both last week. It’s scary to have food make you so sick.

And I always tell myself that I’ll never do it again, and I always do it again. Why are we like that, we humans? How can we continually override our rationality and need to choose what is going to make us healthy? I’m having a targeted draw today to ask the cards what they have to say about this situation. I do my general all-purpose question: “Tell me what I need to know about why I am in this loop of bad choices.”


VERY interesting. When I drew these cards, I didn’t expect much, but here they are right at the heart of the situation. Ah dear.

Six of Cups for nostalgia. I think partly of patterns started in childhood and partly of not moving on, and wishing for my body to be as healthy as when it was young. I often think about bike riding and how I rode all over, but can’t do it now. I think about how easy it used to be to go hiking or swimming, how nice, how nice our early days of marriage were when we rode our bikes because neither one of us could drive. I am also nostalgic for someone taking care of me, making the decisions, ensuring that I eat properly, like Mom did. (Embarrassing!)

I do this thing where I say “If only I had looked after myself 12 years ago, I wouldn’t have these problems today.” Except I could choose to deal with them today and perhaps eradicate them and I don’t, so what makes me think I would have in the past? I have the chance NOW. Take it and forget about 12 years ago.

And the Seven of Cups, all those bloody daydreams and losing touch with reality and wishing and hoping and wishing my life away. Illusion, indulgence, excess. I should start considering this a personal card since I won’t wake up to reality. Fantasies and nostalgia are quite compelling but they prevent you from action now. Discipline, restraint: are the rules so bad that I cannot follow them? No, they are quite simple, so I can stop overcomplicating it, stop the illusion.

Well, I made a big pot of homemade soup today so I have good dinners through the rest of the week. I ate my oatmeal, I had water and a plate of fruit. Just like Mom used to make. Maybe it’s as simple as that?


2 thoughts on “Cups at the Heart of the Target

  1. What a fabulous reading and answer to the question!

    And those cards do look fantastic today.

    I always remember a section in Deborah Leigh’s book, where she likened a card to standing in a wind tunnel. Do you remember that? She said that the future was before us and the past had rushed by. The only place to be is the present. In twelve years time, you might wish you’d done things which you can choose to do now. You have that control today and it is very powerful.

    But I know what it is like. I am so pleased with my recent discipline and I also wonder how things would be if I’d stopped drinking, smoking and eating crap ten years ago. But you know, maybe the effects of those things needed to teach me something. Sometimes, the person that has dipped into those depths has the potential for more radical change than someone who never smoked a drag or downed a pint. I try to remember that. My lifestyle isn’t bad, but I know that certain foods do me no favours. Even though I consider problems to occasionally be caused by chocolate, I simply cannot refuse those gorgeous chocolate covered, fruit and nut cookies in the cupboard. I see one of those cookies in each of the seven cups, hehe.

    Great post. Enjoy your soup!

    • You said it:

      “In twelve years time, you might wish you’d done things which you can choose to do now.”

      Wow, that’s good.

      I don’t remember those exact words of Deborah Leigh’s but I remember her talking about the future and how cards could point to that but it was in your control in the moment.

      I had my soup last night–it was wonderful. Hot soup is as comforting as a hot water bottle or a hot cup of tea–nothing better when you feel sick.

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