Philanthropy Juggles with Cyber Monday

Daily Draw November 26th, 2012

Having trouble sleeping due to edema and leg pain and numbness. I am not sure what set this off but it is usually food. I have had it under control for months as the supplements the naturopath prescribed have been doing wonders, but my circulation this last week has taken a tumble. Lots of water, little food, and gentle movement for me today.

And what lovely visionary card do I get today…

6 OF COINS (6 of Pentacles)

People always seem to want something when they know you are generous.

I am watching a British series called Meet the Romans on television and she told a story in episode two of Emperor Hadrian going to the baths and seeing a fellow rubbing his back up and down against a wall. When asked why he was doing this, the man said he didn’t have a servant to give him a rub after his bath, so Hadrian in a beneficent mood, gave him a slave. The next time the Emperor went to the public baths there were a bunch of men rubbing their backs against the wall hoping he might give them slaves too. Which is why I always respect the St. Vincent de Paul Society motto: “A hand up, not a hand out.”

Scrooge has moved in already. Yes, it’s the irrational nuts of Cyber Monday, screaming around the Internet, pushing people around in stores and shouting and screaming and wanting, wanting, wanting. I had to hide the thread on a knitting forum where they were continually screaming about buying. Gobbling up dozens of balls of yarn at a time, ensuring that no one else got that colour, even though they already have 15 balls of the stuff. That is true, not an exaggeration.

I happened to see some of the Wal-Mart videos from Black Friday sales and was disgusted and appalled. The word appalled comes from the Latin for “pale.” The shock is so great that we become pale, the blood rushes from our faces. I wonder sometimes if my circulation is affected by such appalling things? It might be better for a healing environment to concentrate on things that are more uplifting, and get the blood flowing in other ways. If I am really literal, the sack she is holding reminds me of feeling like a sack of s—t.

I’m a bit surprised this card struck me this way, but all those clamouring hands got to me. Is this the fine mind of the human species, the generous nature, the thoughts for others? I don’t want to touch these people, they frighten me with their enormous, grasping, mindless need.



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