The Knight Dreamer Catches Sight of Landscapes in Rectangles

Daily Draw November 25th, 2012

I have been finishing up several Christmas gifts so am focused on that, but after doing some hemstitching on a weaving project at 4:30 a.m. I decided I needed a nice card before going back to bed.


Isn’t this a beautiful card? I pulled this out and almost gasped at the way the romantic, dreamer quality has been captured.

I think the idea of avoiding unpleasantness comes into this. The spouse went into a big sulk because I bought a book, but it was a small guide to architecture, and had many photo references for historical buildings. I had my mind set on starting to use my Towers art journal that I made almost four years ago, but I want to draw actual towers and Norman ruins and that sort of thing and could find scant photos online, so thought I’d get a book.

Man, talk about ruining a good idea. I was very hurt and it stopped me in my tracks. My big dream was shot down, but I carried on thinking about it anyway. I made a pocket for the back of the journal where I can keep templates for rectangles and squares to use for borders and frames in this book. I want it to have a vaguely medieval or Renaissance look to it with drop caps and floral page borders, much like the cover of the journal.

Like this Knight, I am being sensitive and just wanting to go on my quest and withdraw from the world.

I have the most beautiful “T” for a drop cap in the frontispiece, flanking ruins….see, the Knight is looking back and seeing vague flowers in the landscape, wondering why he let his journal project languish for so long when he has to get on.




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