The Apprentice of Intention

Daily Draw November 21st, 2012

8 OF COINS (8 of Pentacles)

I like the circles in this, as if light and inspiration are coming down from heaven and being absorbed into her head, becoming part of her clothing in the belt, and then spilling out to the floor to warm her feet. A visual of finding flow and opening yourself to the spiritual to find true knowledge.

She is absorbed in her reading and doesn’t notice the encompassing light around her. I call this the Apprentice Card in my mind but it’s not just about learning it’s about the way you learn. Nothing is instant, it requires work and concentration over a long time.

I was reminded of this kind of perseverance when I hauled out one of my sketchbooks and saw a few pages I’d started and then skipped. So I did up a page in answer to the question “What do you want from your journal” and messed around with words and bits of colour.

Mostly I decided that I want to relax.



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