The Dog Bone Metaphor

Daily Draw November 20th, 2012

The day started out happy as we went outdoors to do more tidying in the garden. We both felt very contented and cheerful after, reading our books and having a tea.

Later we got some upsetting health news about our nephew, who will have to undergo cancer treatment soon. Lymphoma is a funny thing, some people live for years, it can go into remission and slow down. So many people have it now that they are doing lots of research and coming up with different therapies at least.

But after four years of observation it seems he will need more aggressive treatment. For his type, the median period for survival is seven years. Some people live with it for 20 years or more. No one knows.

Humans find such uncertainty unnerving.

I feel the need of an animal. Animals are generally happy-go-lucky creatures who take things as they come. That’s what I need today.

I OF DOGS (Ace of Clubs, Ace of Wands)

This is a card of good fortune, growth. The booklet mentions “visionary idea” and I like that thought with regard to healing. We can do so much with our minds and attitude; I think of creating a healing intelligence with the mind. New energy, aliveness, awakening creative force, time to be more intuitive.

And hope is a dog bone that we pick up and carry with us.


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