Dragon Words

Daily Draw November 19th, 2012

My friend and I are exchanging words to write poetry with. I happened to mention my word tickets and she said “Let’s exchange ten words.” I drew actual word tickets for her. The point of the exercise is to do this quickly, in 10 to 15 minutes without an agony of re-writes and over-thinking.

I used to do this with random passages from books, song lyrics, words from the dictionary etc. but once I made my word tickets in 2004, I started using those.

These are my words: green, smell, touch, memory, falling, clouded, muddy, bristle, remembrance, tear (either version).

I like to have a visual so I drew a card after scrounging around for a deck.This is from one of my favourite decks, the Universal Fantasy Tarot. This one is about not recognizing good luck because it sometimes arrives when we are unable to appreciate it.



I can smell the green remembrance,
Stomped to muddy good luck,
At the touch of my claw on memory.
Tear the stopper from the clouded bottle;
I bristle to decant time,
Screaming in anguish,




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