Graven Thoughts on Christmas Meetings

Daily Draw November 17th, 2012

One of my sisters invited me to a Christmas get-together at her house involving relatives from her husband’s side of the family and her son’s fiancée. I haven’t seen my sister for four years, my nephew for about 10, and I’ve never met his future wife or her parents and sister, and I would like to meet them all before the wedding next year. My brother-in-law’s family I haven’t seen in decades, nor the children since they grew up and married and had children of their own.

My husband went into a big sulk about it. He does not like parties. Okay, I’m not party central either but my nephew has lymphoma and who knows how many opportunities I might get to see him in the coming years. I can’t talk to my husband when he gets like this: sighing and carrying on and putting his hand up to his eye so he didn’t have to look at me. That makes me feel really good. Thanks honey for finding me so distasteful that you can’t even look at me. That really makes a person feel great about themselves.

Let’s have a nice postcard! I grab a card at random from the big box….Ha, see, the cards always know. Time is slipping away, who knows when we may meet again? One must take these opportunities when they arise.

is the centerpiece for the
Graven Images Oracle “Wall” card.




3 thoughts on “Graven Thoughts on Christmas Meetings

  1. Ah, the party thing …

    Yes, I admit that I sink when I hear of big parties and things like that. Sometimes, it feels like walking up a mountain through mounds of glue ..

    But also, a getogether like that might be kind of good for you too – to relax and chat and meet new people. If they are approached in the right way, we can take the good things from them (says I, who is squirming at the thought of two family weddings next year, hehe).
    I hope you both come to a decision that suits you both.

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