The Bonspiel Emperor

Daily Draw November 13th, 2012


This card always reminds me of my Dad. I heard someone on the radio today mention that their Dad enjoyed curling and my Dad was an excellent curler and really enjoyed it years ago. He had the most marvelous red sweater with all the pins from various tournaments on the collar. I suppose curling seems very old-fashioned today which is shame since it is a game of hand-eye coordination and strategy, much like golf.

Today the Emperor is musing on his past. My Dad is somewhat enfeebled these days but he was a businessman, very organized and patriarchal, a real strategist and planner, all those Emperor things.

The tartan on this card reminds me of Scotland and curling and Dad. The ankh is a symbol of life, and fathers give life to their children, and I wonder if it will soon be time for my Dad to go to his eternal life?

The Emperor looks a bit confused….as is my Dad these days. Sigh.




2 thoughts on “The Bonspiel Emperor

  1. That was a touching post. But I like the fact that those qualities in your father are still there to be seen and remembered, even if he is in a different phase of life at the moment. We see him through a different window.

    I remember when I was at university, my housemate Gus and I would sit and watch curling in the afternoon. It seemed to be on every day at one point and he’d explain it to me. So I guess it is still a popular sport over here, even if you don’t hear about it so often.

    • We do have a couple of big tournaments here, one for men and one for women, but all the curling rinks seem to have been turned into Bingo halls–they make more money that way.

      I remember going into the curling rink as a little girl and feeling it was magical.

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