Dandelion Resistance

Daily Draw November 10th, 2012


Another dandelion painting. I love it. I was never keen on chamomile for tea, the taste bothers me but the flowers are pretty.

This is about change through challenging conditions and energies working at cross-purposes to goals.

These two plants forming a square symbolizing resistance, as if they were fighting each other and tense. Both flowers help in relieving stress and tension but dandelions are very stubborn and tenacious and chamomile is light and delicate.

A period of tests in which I discover what to hold on to and what to let go. Striving to meet the tests. Also an awareness of what the source of the tension is rather than the tension itself. Crisis, hesitation, resisting change. Change happens anyway, so the quicker you stop resisting the quicker you move forward.

Dandelion relives stress in the muscles—no wonder I am so attracted to it lately.

This is a good card for today. I have been so tense this week, every muscle in my body is tense and won’t let go. This causes a lot of pain and nerve pain.



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