Spence Integrates the Left and Right Brain While Chewing on Blackberries

Daily Draw November 9th, 2012

Recent interesting computer things:

1) Adobe Cold Fusion files with the .cfm suffix can often be changed to .pdf and opened without going through a convoluted conversion. The file I downloaded included graphics and text and I just right-clicked the file name and changed the suffix to .pdf and it opened fine.

2) $*”)&*% bloody Adobe Acrobat Reader has high-jacked my CPU so many times, revving the usage up to 80% or more and not closing upon Exit from the program so that I have to manually shut it down through Windows. So I downloaded Foxit, another free reader and it doesn’t hog the CPU. Problem solved.

While I was scrounging yesterday in card decks I came across The Flower Speaks deck which I traded for years ago. It was nice to see an old friend.


Having finished Spencer the Ratsnake yesterday, I am ready to go back to picking up the gusset stitches for my sock. Groan, “No not that!” I scream to the Universe.

Spence says my mind is like a coiled snake and will slowly solve the problem, winding its way through extra stitches to prevent holes and such.

I didn’t know this, but Blackberry belongs to the botanical family of roses and you can see on the card how much like a miniature wild rose the flower is. This card is supposed to correlate to The Lovers in tarot and is about harmonious union including the chemistry between our left and right brain.

Heart and mind working joyously together, to bring a creative idea or dream into fruition. “Inner harmony helps you bring your ideas into reality.”



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