The Great Accumulation of Nourishment

Daily Draw November 8th, 2012

I actually drew this for Tuesday, two days ago, and forgot to post it, but it is relevant for the week so I’m putting it up now.

This is from Yi King – Tarot Oriental by Paul Iki which is not a tarot deck but an I Ching deck in French.

Ta Tch’ou – #26
Le Pouvoir du Fort

This is usually called Great Accumulation or The Taming Power of the Great or The Great Nourisher. Paul Iki translates it as..hard to say but I’m going with The Power of the Strong but you could say The Power of the Great. Meh—translation!

The thing that struck me about this card is that it talks about pulling back and having patience. Success on the path your are taking, but taming your passions. Progress with precautions, and temporary obstacles.

I get quite anxious that I am not feeling well some days. I pulled back substantially this week on food choices and am being cautious and chipping away at things, taking my supplements. I am storing up nourishment, and accumulating good health.

That’s pretty good power.



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