Avoid the Trees

Daily Draw November 6th, 2012

We had our 43 year-old furnace serviced today. It’s iffy on the electrodes, he said “Don’t touch them” and he also said “You’re on borrowed time.” I hope we get through until the Spring, but next year we must get a new furnace, no question.

It’s election day in the US, so I might slip down later to watch some results. Or maybe not, I find it hard to watch television these days as there is so little programming of quality. Shaw and Bell have bought up many stations here, and do endless repeats of shows on all their channels. I am feeling quite a bit of ennui and wanting to avoid the computer and the television.


A card of extreme energy and a hint of competition and racing, but in a good wind through your hair, heart pumping and being electrically alive way.

I just took the dogs out and over on the farm and in the woods someone is shooting, probably hunting turkeys or grouse, but it is a bit frightening. Energy and fire can be good or bad, so maybe we’ll avoid the woods today. The figures on this card are dashing through trees, so I will take that literally as I worry about people shooting us or the dogs.

I can’t walk anyway due to nerve pain. I was up and down all night, and the spouse asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. I would LOVE to go for a walk but it exacerbates the pain and I’m already having trouble getting rest.

Darn, I just love the spirited energy in this card and wish I had some! I particularly like the figure at the top, really stretched out and flying, it has been a long time since I’ve been able to run. I woke up from a nap in the chair on Sunday and started crying because there was a Pat Metheny song on the radio that I used to dance to and I can’t dance any more so it made me weepy. It is still running through my head.

Blah, it’s those winter blues, maybe I can run from them in my mind?



4 thoughts on “Avoid the Trees

  1. What a great card. It reminds me of another, where people are running, but I can’t remember where it is from. Gosh, what a warning it gave though! Look at them running and dodging the bullets!

    I keep meaning to ask .. how’s Murphy settling in now?

    • He is loving it here but cannot manage the stairs up and down to the basement.

      However, he has taken to cuddling up on the blanket with my other dog at night. Cute little man.

  2. Our furnace (and house) is the same age. Tomorrow we have to switch out the cooler for the furnace since there is an early winter storm coming in this weekend and we don’t want the cats to get too cold.
    I can’t run anymore either – or ride a bike, or go up a flight of stairs without using the handrail to help pull myself up.
    But I think this card can also be about the imagination working with purpose and confidence, easily negotiating obstacles, brainstorming but not concentrating too hard, enjoying the movement of thought for its own sake.

    • One of the things I realize I do is worry things to death. The idea of not concentrating too hard really works. But I love your thought of “imagination working with purpose and confidence” because I am so sure we humans can do anything with our brains and imagination.


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