Steady Eddy Plucks a Grape Off the Vine

Daily Draw November 4th, 2012


I feel I should call this fellow Grape Boy. Still, despite his love of vino, he’s a fairly steady guy. Like all the Kings in tarot, he is somewhat of an action man, loving to oversee things and get things done.

I was out of supplements, and of course they were the expensive ones, so my husband very kindly made the trip to another town and bought some to get me through to January. While there I had him buy me 3 balls of yarn so I could weave a Christmas gift. I always give my nephew beer but thought this might be better, done up in manly blues.

While taking out my loom and getting the bits and pieces organized, taking the old yarn off the shuttle and cleaning the floor and my drafting board, I realized that it has been a year since I last fired up the loom. I LOVE that loom and it felt so nice to have it out again.

This King is encouraging of others, a steady type, prudent and thoughtful. A good guy to have around today while I get busy doing this gift.




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