Pause for a Time

Daily Draw November 1st, 2012


The Dreaming Way Tarot came in the mail yesterday and the interpretations are slightly different for some cards, but in an interesting way. This is one that got me thinking a bit further. The original R-W card usually shows a farmer or gardener leaning on his hoe contemplating the seeds he has planted and waiting for them to grow. My favourite image on this card is in the Songs for the Journey Home deck. So, it’s a card of reflection and waiting.

Here it seems to be a reminder of shopaholism. Notice the belt around her midriff, it’s almost like a restrictive gag or medicinal binding, which reminds me of how some people use shopping and planning to buy as therapy. There are a few cards in this deck where people are bound in buckles or strait jackets. She’s done a lot of shopping as you can see by her bags, and spent a lot of coin, so it’s now time to reflect on it all. Perhaps rather than planning her next assault on the mall, she might contemplate using what she buys and being satisfied with it?

When I join groups on the Internet, for crafts or cards or whatnot, a great vibe seems to grow from the interaction of people. One of inspiration and anticipation, it steamrolls over groups whose members end up buying much more than they would otherwise. The stimulation is in obtaining good materials but also in learning new techniques and doing projects or studying together, feeling a part of things. It gets a bit heady and the fervour for buying things becomes ridiculous.

It would be more practical to nourish ourselves in other ways, or at least use the things we buy and nourish ourselves with them for a longer time. Reap the fruit but PAUSE for appreciation. Don’t get bound up in it all. I am easily influenced by others and find myself going mad for new patterns and techniques, or art and craft materials, when I already have a lot here. The people on a knitting forum I belong to spend hundreds of dollars several times a year and have stashes of yarn that could fill a whole living room, literally. And yet they scream and exclaim over the next big sale and buy three more boxes of stuff. I find it wearying, just as wearying as when tarot people buy and buy the next new thing, or when weavers own twelve looms and still want another one, or when spinners own 23 drop spindles, or quilters have double closets full of fabric. Then they destash so they can buy again because it wasn’t right the first time, and on and on.

We all do it. Similar to card or book collecting, one gets swamped and all the good things you bought in the past are overwhelmed and forgotten with the new influx. I don’t mind a bit of that because it is inspiring, but I really need to pull back and enjoy, to pause for a while and enjoy it all.

I have misplaced my favourite tarot book, Power Tarot, so I rummaged in my book collection and hauled out Sandra Thomson’s book Pictures from the Heart and have been enjoying browsing it, and she uses the Osho Zen Tarot for comparison which has always been a favourite of mine. So there was a small gem that got hidden by the influx of the new. It was nice to revisit it.

Pausing is peaceful.


8 thoughts on “Pause for a Time

  1. I really like this version of the Seven of Pentacles!

    I have never heard of the Dreaming Way Tarot. I’ll have to look it up. No more tarot decks for me this year, however, unless gifted to me or found at a thrift shop. 😉

    Anyway…I know what you mean. I often think, ‘Oh, I’ll go buy this for THAT project’ but in the end I feel that I should only do that when I need the supplies and when I know I want to work on something. Right now I need to save money for groceries and my daughter’s (and my) supplements. But sometimes I get all a-twitter over expensive baubles…eee hehe.

    Another weakness is making my own bath and body products. I end up spending way too much money on it, but people do seem to appreciate homemade stuff. One thing can be said about that: you can actually make a LOT of homemade bath/body products for a surprisingly low cost (but sometimes the initial cost is a bit of a pain)…



    • PLN told me about the Dreaming Way–I hadn’t planned to buy any decks but something about the art appealed to me–it’s a quiet deck, very much like fashion art and a twinge of the 60s in it.

      I know about supplements–I have spent hundreds this year–but they do seem to help.

      Years ago I thought making my own bath products was a good idea–until I saw the investment you have to make in base materials.

      I once knew a lady on a tarot list who made her own. She was out on a walk and saw the loveliest berry that she thought would make a great lipstick colour. Turns out it was hemlock!! She had a narrow escape there.

  2. I make bath scrub with sugar or coarse kosher salt. Mix it with any kind of oil–baby oil,almond or avocado oil, cheap olive oil–to be honest, it all works about the same. Add in some inexpensive body wash–whatever’s on sale with a scent you like, it all works about the same. Stir it all up, put it in a little plastic tub–something pretty, or an old margarine tub, it all works about the same. The sugar scrub is nice for exfoliating the whole body; the coarse salt scrub is great for the feet.

    It will make the bottom of the tub oily so be careful.

    My two themes: “inexpensive” and “it all works about the same.” Because I’ve compared with some of the expensive stuff I got as a gift. It really does all work about the same. I like using a citrus-scented body wash and a nicer plastic tub. 😉

    • Holy cow Debra, is there anything you don’t know how to do?

      I like citrus-y scents. Remember the lemon perfume–they used to use the Donovan song “Wear your love like Heaven” in the commercial??

  3. What I notice most is the Pentacle flying up behind her. Like she’s been so busy buying that she hasn’t taken time to look at things. And it’s going to smack her upside the head as a reminder… ouch!

    I’m so with you on the group fervour thing. As you say, so much of it is about a sense of belonging. I keep blogging in part so that I can actually use the lovely decks I get, which otherwise languish, unused. It’s a small start…

    • Chloe, that’s why I started blogging, so I could use my decks–it really works.

      I like that consistency. Mind you, our blogging world can tend to excite one to buy a deck still. 😉

    • I have been really enjoying the deck and have done several draws with it here. Your booklet has very interesting meanings, you have a fresh take on things which I like. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

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