Plonk a Bit of Ice in the Glass

Daily Draw October 30th, 2012


For this lady the glass is always half full. She does have a habit of drifting off in sentimental thoughts instead of doing dishes and vacuuming, but her introspection is ultimately good at keeping those bad emotions away.

Today she is ruminating on whether she could knit a shawl to wear for a wedding next year. Not a Granny shawl but one of those enchanting openwork lacy things that women wear. She is sentimental about knitting because her Mom was an excellent knitter and a shawl might go nicely with her soutache braid necklace with her own gecko artwork.

It’s the colour you see, she can’t decide between garnet heather or a blue/turquoise hand-dyed colourway. After consulting the Color Me Beautiful book she knows that either one would be fine. Well, she’s thinking about it while she waits for her new vacuum filter replacement from Sears. And if she plonks some ice in that glass the level of the liquid will rise even higher.

Or maybe the Lingonberry would be nice?




2 thoughts on “Plonk a Bit of Ice in the Glass

    • I think I found another one in a merino wool and silk blend in a colour called “Cranberry” that might be suitable as well. I thought the sheen of silk might be nice in a shawl–a little less fuzzy as well–good for a wedding.

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