Wealthy Clay Deposits Ahead

Daily Draw October 28th, 2012

I have been busy making Christmas gifts and generally being on simmer due to pain issues.

KING OF BIRDS (King of Cups)

Well, here he is again.

Macaws can often digest toxic food that would kill other animals. They lick clay off riverbanks and the clay coats the digestive system of the birds and binds to toxins, allowing the poisons to move through their bodies without harm.

I think, due to a bad experience with a supposed friend on the phone last week, that the King is here to remind me to keep a grip on my emotions and be calm. Tolerance, diplomacy, BUT being a King, sometimes you just don’t put up with nonsense.

At some point, if no one is listening, making you feel off-colour, you fly off, allowing poisons to drop as you go.

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