Time To Set Traps for Mice and Negativity

Daily Draw October 23rd, 2012


I like the newsprint words in the background. “Want to lose ugly pounds?” and at the bottom “Start today –like yourself  better tomorrow.”

We all know those days. “Shed the negative thoughts that weigh you down with their high-calorie burdens.” sayeth the booklet. I like that too.

I have a mouse in my basement again. Time to set those traps, mice are always a fun aspect of rural living. Phooey, just when you think they are gone they manage to find a crack to get in.

Kind of like negative thoughts.



2 thoughts on “Time To Set Traps for Mice and Negativity

  1. “Start today – like yourself better tomorrow”. I like that one. As we’ve said before ‘You do what you can’ and ‘Every little helps’. Good messages.

    I will pass the ‘shed the negative thoughts’ one on to Daz. He carries too many unnecessarily worries with him. In fact, worrying about work kept him awake last night.

    We had humane mouse traps put in here when we moved in as the house had been unoccupied for such a long time. We never found anything, even though we did find a dead one in the garage. I once lived in a house with squirrels between the floors. Jesus. I have never heard such a racket before. You would have thought a heard of elephants were living there!

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