Pinwheels in the Clouds

Daily Draw October 20th, 2012

I have been up since 3:30 a.m. because Murphy the chocolate Labrador is still not making it through the night and I have to take him out around 3 or 4. He is on medication so I’m not too worried, plus he has only been here for 9 days so is still getting into a routine. Alas for me, insomniac that I am, taking him out usually wakes me up for hours.

III OF CATS (3 of Swords)

An interesting and refreshing take on the stabbed heart depiction which is usual with this card. The calico cat is gazing out feeling unable to proceed in some way. I am definitely feeling much like this; scattered and cloudy like the lyrics to the old Simon and Garfunkel song.

The booklet says there might be a sense of obligation that prevents action with this card and I feel like that. I have a few things to finish up for a gift but just can’t do them. Perhaps it is this sense of obligation that is overwhelming me? Why a gift should morph into an obligation in my mind doesn’t make sense but the delay is there.

One of my friends in a fibre group sent me a gift of a tea towel woven in a pinwheel pattern. It is done on a 4-shaft loom, so I can’t reproduce the pattern on my little rigid heddle loom, but I just love it. This lady sends a lot of gifts out to people and I imagine she feels bogged down in obligation sometimes too, but she forges on completing things and sending people gifts and her workmanship is exquisite.

If I am not sleeping and feeling a bit scatty, then I wait a day or two and work on something smaller in the meantime.

The cat is feeling wistful for the creative energy he had a few days ago, but being in the clouds for a time is not such a bad thing. Time for a hot water bottle and a nap.



2 thoughts on “Pinwheels in the Clouds

  1. I love this depiction of the 3 of Swords! So much less painful. I have felt like this a lot lately, so I can really relate to your post. I have a couple of projects I want to make, one of which is something I was supposed to do months ago, but every time I try to paint it things just don’t go well. There is no rush, I guess, but I feel guilty that I am taking so, so long. Plus, I’m impatient. Hehee.

    I hope you find some joy in your project again!


    • I think small steps is the way to go. I am going to do a 15-minute stint tomorrow just to start the thing up again and get some positive thoughts going rather than being overwhelmed.

      What i find with painting is that I enjoy mixing colours and just slapping them down to free myself up. Perhaps you could work on a piece of scrap paper and do that and leave the painting proper alone until you feel like doing it. This way you could loosen up and have fun for 15 minutes.

      I LOVE this card and the different image.

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