Charles Floyd’s Life Lesson for Dogs and People

Daily Draw October 16th, 2012

This card is from the Lewis and Clark Exploration Card Game:

Landmarks – August 20th, 1804

Well, that’s one way for History to remember you.

Here is the monument near modern day Sioux City, Iowa. So Floyd made it almost to the end.

I find it interesting that his grave washed away but they recovered his bones, and built a new monument, or rather two new monuments as people stole his grave marker the first time. All in all his body moved four times. A tricky nod to resurrection and how History is not always exactly as it seems.

I am getting a bit sad because the light is going so early and I can’t go for late evening walks around the garden any more.

We had Murphy out today to play ball which he enjoyed, and he was off-lead for a bit and didn’t run away which seems good. My cats have come out of hiding and are eating normally in the kitchen and sleeping on beds so that’s good too.

Here are the dogs in the light of a beautiful fall morning in the garden.

Lewis and Clark of course had a Newfie dog with them. Perhaps Izzy the Newf is contemplating Floyd’s Bluff and the ephemeral nature of life and summer light, while she watches Murphy play?

She was always a deep thinker.



2 thoughts on “Charles Floyd’s Life Lesson for Dogs and People

    • Yeah, he’s a good guy. I wish he would sleep through the night without having to go out. Hopefully when he’s completely into the new routine and finished his antibiotics, he will settle down all night.

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