Emperors, Socks, and Adopted Dogs

Daily Draw October 14th, 2012

Holy cow, where have I been, it’s the 14th already!

I have been knitting socks….

I am just about to turn the heel.

I adopted a 9 year-old dog from a dog shelter. He was dumped back in August and was at the shelter for about 5 weeks before they put him up for adoption. No one wanted him. It looks like he was outside a lot because his “chocolate” fur looked more like the bronze hair of a Chow-Chow. The shelter staff called him Murphy, which I liked, so we are keeping that name.

He has not had any veterinary care and seems to have an ear infection and a few other problems, so we are off to our vet with him tomorrow.

I spent a few hours pulling dead red hair out of him and giving him a medicated bath. He is well trained and pretty good, just old and stiff.

I figure he will fit in here nicely and we’ll have a friendly Lab for a couple of years after everyone telling us we couldn’t take care of a dog because we couldn’t afford the $400 to $1500 purchase price. Nonsense. This little man is going to have a good life and be much loved. He was free, but will need some veterinary costs and possible supplements and medications.

I understand how animal control and rescue people get fed up with people whining about their prices, but I also know people who can afford $1500 for a dog only to chain it in the yard sitting in its own feces and urine, not having fresh water or attention and company, and never being washed and groomed or taken to the vet.

Today’s draw:

EMPEROR (Guinea Pig)

I like the way the background of this card echoes the Japanese flag and Emperor during World War II.

Oh yeah, don’t listen to The Man when he tells you that you are too poor to take care of a living creature. Prove him wrong.

My husband was away at a boy’s weekend at a cottage for 3 days. When he got home it was like I didn’t exist. Apart from being alone for 3 days this time, I am alone most of the time. It gets a bit tiresome. The Emperor in his blindness. Blah. That’s why god made double pointed needles: so you can knit socks and listen to jazz with rescue dogs at your feet, and never be truly lonely.

It’s a Zen thing.



6 thoughts on “Emperors, Socks, and Adopted Dogs

  1. This was so warming to read. Lucky old you. And lucky old Murphy. With all of the rubbish that happens in the world, it is good to remember that there are good people out there who care. I bet he is thrilled to bits. Just in time for Christmas with his new family 🙂

    • He is fitting in so well. The cats have come out of hiding–always a good sign and he follows us around, he was so lonely.

      Yup, I feel lucky. There wasn’t even a picture up of him but I felt good about applying for him.

  2. Congratulations to you and Murphy! It is so hard to find people who are willing to adopt older animals at shelters. Once they are over about five years old, they have almost no chance. I am sure that Murphy’s health and physical condition will improve now that he has a loving home.

    We learned years ago to allow about $400 to take in a cat, whether it’s a stray or from the shelter, and a normal adult who isn’t obviously ill. Our vet and food records (for 4 to 12 cats over the last five years) show that they cost a bit over a dollar a day per cat, which includes a couple who have chronic health problems and/or are on medication.

    Although we have only cats now, I grew up with a dog and we had my husband’s dog for a few years. I can’t imagine living without animals. There is no substitute for that special kind of companionship and love.

    • I so agree Lorena, I just feel happier with the animals around.

      I was very much against adopting a senior, probably because of the pain involved in bonding with them and then having them die sooner. BUT I came to realize that it doesn’t really matter, the important thing is having a living creature.

      He is SO happy here, and every day he gets more relaxed and happy, so it’s been a good lesson to me about what is really important.

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