The Shoe Swap Diggers

Daily Draw October 10th, 2012

It’s strange because yesterday after pulling The Fool and remarking on his dog, I got an e-mail from an animal shelter I had sent an e-mail to last week inquiring about a dog. I sent in an application form, but there is no picture of the dog and they didn’t provide details on him. Most shelters charge a lot for dogs but this shelter is more reasonable.

So, it’s like a Fool leap of faith. My husband is planning drop in and try to see the dog and get more information on his way to work. But it’s kind of scary not knowing anything.


I drew this card as a general look-see about this dog. These two have really dug a hole financially for themselves. The interesting thing, which I only noticed after looking more carefully at the card today, is that they seem to have swapped shoes: she is wearing his clunky shoes, and he is wearing her high heels. Maybe she tried wearing the boots in the family and still came up short financially?

Lack of funds is an equitable state of life, as is digging holes. So in relation to adopting a dog, I see money flying out of my clutch, money that we don’t have.

Their hair looks like jester caps—those Fools!


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