Follow The Fool

Daily Draw October 9th, 2012


Something tells me that dog would follow The Fool even if he wasn’t carrying the bone. That is Fool energy too, not only leaping into things without looking, but also inspiring other people with his enthusiasm and ability not to worry.

I say “he” but in classic Fool tradition he is androgynous. This way we can all own a dog that keeps us company and follows us with much cheer and joy in action. See all the growth around them of flowers; I like that the flowers are white on black and black on white, which brings awareness of both positive and negative thought about this card. The Fool makes mistakes and is thoughtless sometimes, but he is often right too.

I’ve been up since 2 a.m. and it’s 5:30 now so back to bed for me. Hopefully I shall spring up later like this Fool, ready to leap into the day.

These two don’t have much control but are an endless source of joy in a tired world.


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