Red Clover Infuses the Day

Daily Draw September 2nd, 2012


My herbs for tea came in the mail today and they smell wonderful.

After lunch I put some Red Clover tea with flowers in my special red clover cup that a long-ago friend gave me about 10 years ago. I shall have to get an infuser but it had a lovely flavour.

I had to stop wearing my orthotics for a few days to get my muscles and nerve pain to settle down, but I have finished beading some herringbone tubes for a necklace and just need to string it tomorrow.

For some reason I have developed an aversion to stringing necklaces. I can’t think why other than my worry about crimping up by the clasp, but I need to get this done as my friend made me the beads six years ago and I want to wear them finally. I also have a necklace with a Tree of Life pendant I made to string so it will be a double whammy tomorrow.

If I can get myself to do it.

7 thoughts on “Red Clover Infuses the Day

  1. mmmm…herbal teas are so soothing!

    I need to get some bulk herbs. I only have one or two at the moment. I would love having a giant cabinet full of bulk herbs. I intend to organize my spices and once I do I plan to have several glass containers just for tea herbs for medicinal and other purposes.

    Love the clover mug and tea. I’ve never had this but would love to try it. Clovers remind me of the ranch my family grew up on–and the ranch is in the extended family (it’s my grandparent’s ranch)…

    Happy jewelry+tea stuff,

    • I think the clover tea has turned out to be my favourite but I also like Oatstraw tea too.

      The Valerian and Burdock are both very strong smelling and tasting but they have more medicinal properties.

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