Dandelion Finery in Point and Shoot Land

Daily Draw September 28th, 2012

I couldn’t resist picking a card just because it’s my favourite. This is from the Art of Instruction Postcards.

DANDELION ca. 1950s-1960s
Art by Jung-Koch-Quentell

I have some plants that look like dandelions growing in my grass now in late September. They aren’t coltsfoot because they bloom in early Spring, so I looked it up online. They are Fall Dandelions, Leontodon autumnalis, and different from the Common Dandelion, Taraxacum officinale. I never noticed before, talk about a lack of awareness. They do look a bit different, smaller, with tighter buds.

I went stomping out with hiking boots, pink flannelette nightie and leopard print scarf to grab a picture. Yes, everybody’s favourite neighbour, the woman who never comes out of the house except at dawn, flapping about in strange nightwear with alarming pink circular designs.

I also seem to have trouble with my depth of field and focus, probably because I can’t kneel down with my wonky knees and back. The flowers weren’t open yet, I probably scared them off with my scarf.

Look at that dew!

And one last red clover in the lawn. It must be a sign since I am trying to order some red clover tea.

So there you go: one postcard leads me to look something up that I noticed this week, and now I know that we get two kinds of dandelions. Why did it take me 25 years to notice this??

Bloody humans, lurching about not noticing what is under their feet!!!



6 thoughts on “Dandelion Finery in Point and Shoot Land

  1. Great card and such wonderful photographs. I love that pink and yellow combination. Looks like felt. Beautiful.

    Laughing at the thought of flannelette, leopard print and hiking boots! It’s the excitement of the Vogue postcard book isn’t it!

  2. Humph. I stomp around the yard in my white cotton nightie and hiking boots all the time, watering my pomegranates and chiltepins. It’s that kind of neighborhood – or was, before all the old ladies died, foreclosed, or moved away and the Pickup Truck Legions arrived. But I used to be able to go out at night and see old ladies in nighties standing out in the street looking at the moon.

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