Spitting Red

Daily Draw September 26th, 2012


I just got this deck this week and was amazed at how many different types of pythons and boas there are in the world.

This chap is spitting mad because he has to redo one half of his necklace strap. Originally used by the Ndebele tribe of South Africa, the stitch has morphed into Ye Olde Herringbone Stitch. I quite like it, and finished one necklace with it and jumped into this.

As I said to a friend, the rule of thumb is that if it ain’t working after 4 inches, it ain’t going to work after 12 inches. Lesson learned. Fortunately some European tribe created seam rippers and mine worked very well in taking this strand on the left apart. Now I have to re-weave it to match the one on the right.

My friend in South Africa made the focal beads for me six years ago for my 50th birthday; I figured it was time to use them and this stitch for the straps seemed appropriate.

Spitting, spitting, spitting, all day long.



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