I Travel to Black Africa

Daily Draw September 27th, 2012

This is from my new postcards of The Art of Instruction. What I didn’t realize when I bought the postcard collection was that they are all in French. Zounds, another opportunity brought by a card deck to translate!! Does it get any better??

The box is set up much like a recipe box which reminds me of the Housewives Tarot. The categories are Anatomy, Botany, Zoology, and Miscellany. The Miscellany cards are a riot of tips on housewifery and diagrams of how appliances work, and maps, table oil, clothing, and beekeeping.

Here is a photograph of the set open, with the very nice box and layout. Not bad for 100 postcards and some of the Botany ones in particular are stunning. I love the Dandelion one which is a coloured scientific illustration.



L’AFRIQUE NOIRE (Black Africa , 1949)

Interesting that this should come up when I am working on gifts for my friend in South Africa as well as finally using the beads she sent me.

I think that the name “Black Africa” must be a tad politically incorrect these days. The label is medieval and certainly colonial, and I’m sure Arabs, Greeks, Asians, and Europeans found whole countries of black people rather alarming and different, while they discovered the mysterious lands of Black Africa, but it seems derogatory today.

Still it makes me think of the rich heritage of crafts and art from that region, which is a good influence. It’s a shame that so much of our global heritage has been homogenized. I was bemoaning the fact that I can’t turn on a television show without hearing some bimbo talk in Valley Girl-speak with its rising inflections and saying of the word “like” in every sentence. Surprisingly, my friend said the same thing is happening in South Africa. The influence of movies and television from America goes everywhere.

L’Afrique Noire is now L’Amerique. It only took half a century.



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