Crackerbrain Turns Red

Daily Draw September 25th, 2012


I went for an 8-minute walk yesterday and I am having doozy pain. My knees are inflamed and popping and I have muscle cramps and my pelvis is on fire with nerve pain. It’s all out of proportion to the actual activity. My brain has a death grip on my muscles and nerves.

Red is the colour you want with its searing light of healing and adrenaline to keep you going. There is a healing meditation with this card where you imagine a red star on the tip of a sword and when you touch your body with it, the sickness is dissolved right out of your body.

And the second card is about seeing the world differently and telling the story the way you want it to be rather than the way it is.

It occurs to me….the red in this card is much more vibrant and candy red than I could scan. It is like the way my body truly is versus the way my brain is scanning it; the colour is a bit off, the picture is not quite accurate in the brain. It has gone crackerbrain! (Reference to Tricky Woo the dog who went crackerdog in the James Herriot novel All Creatures Great and Small.)

No, no, we can’t be having crackerbrain, that’s not right.


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2 Responses to Crackerbrain Turns Red

  1. I love this! Love the colors, but not the pain. I’m sorry to hear that. Oye. Sounds bad. Sending healing, non-inflamed energy.

    • JJ says:

      Aspirin has settled me down a bit. I am making homemade chicken soup. 😉

      If you like the cards, they are not expensive:

      The Secret Language of Color Cards ISBN 9781582703268

      Health and the Law of Attraction Cards ISBN 9781401924201 –

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